Cuban Visa for American Citizens

Planning a trip to Cuba? Ensure a smooth journey by obtaining your Cuban visa hassle-free. At Colibri Travel & Tours, we simplify the process of acquiring your Cuban tourist visa, catering specifically to American citizens.
Securing Your Cuban Visa: Every traveler, including US citizens, is required to have a Cuban visa for entry into the country. Skip the complexities and purchase your Cuban visa conveniently through us. You can purchase Cuban visa online here and we will ship it to your home address.
Cost and Convenience: Acquiring your Cuban tourist visa doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. 
The Cuban visa cost is 85 USD per visa plus the cost of shipping. Just fill out the form below and complete the payment.
Cost of Shipping (Up to 5 business days): 10 USD (If you need overnight shipping send us an email to

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Questions and Answers

At Colibri Travel & Tours we’re passionate about Cuba and are here to assist you at every step. Our team is dedicated to providing you with not just Cuban visas, but also a range of travel-related services including accommodation bookings, tours, transportation, SIM cards, and more.
We love talking about Cuba and you can always call us with questions or concerns at 617 301 1237.

Absolutely, Cuba requires visas for citizens of most nations.

While Cuban visas can be obtained at select US airports like Miami, Houston, Newark, and JFK, it’s recommended to acquire your visa in advance. This ensures a stress-free travel experience, especially if you’re flying from other locations. Airport prices can vary depending on airlines but generally range from 85 to 100 USD.