is based in Cambridge, MA, USA
travels to over 50 countries
supports local communities
cares about our planet
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Our Mission:

To make the world a better place through travel!

About Colibri Travel & Tours

Colibri Travel & Tours is an educational travel company that offers inexpensive and authentic travel experiences for adult travelers and students. Cost is often the biggest barrier to explore the world. Because of that, we focus on making travel affordable without compromising high quality and comfort of our trips.

We are a social enterprise. We use part of our profits to support community projects all over the world.  Our travelers are also committed to conscious travel with a minimal impact on the planet.

Colibri travel promise!

Colibri Travel & Tours company and travelers treat travel as an opportunity to learn and share with others. Together with our travelers, we:


If you think you're too small to make a difference, try to sleep in the same room with a mosquito.


See how our travelers make the world a better place



Together with Emory & Henry College, Colibri Travel & Tours gifted reusable bags to the Eco communities of Las Terrazas. By reducing the plastic bags on the island, we help to minimize the amount of trash that often goes to the ocean.


Baseball Equipment

In Cuba, baseball is hugely popular. During one of Colibri’s adult tours to Cuba we saw kids playing baseball on the streets of Havana with wooden sticks and rocks. We returned home with a mission to collect reusable baseball equipment and donate it to the local community center.


Laptops for Schools

Together with our high school teacher-led groups we collect, clean and reset used laptops and bring them to schools in remote parts of Latin America.


The Colibri Peru tour with Colibri Travel & Tours was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. Sylvia is hands down the best tour organizer and guide imaginable, and she takes care of every detail while making it all seem easy and fun. First, we enjoyed a tour of Lima and had lunch at one of the best restaurants in the world. In addition, we took a cooking class. Then we went on to Cusco, which is a beautiful city with great architecture and shopping. Our group also hiked in the Sacred Valley, and then on to the incredible Machu Picchu by train. Throughout the trip, we stayed in wonderful boutique hotels, ate great food, and learned so much about the country and local culture.  Sylvia is smart, generous, and caring, does her research, and always incorporates history and culture into her tours. Peru was my second trip with Colibri, and I’m already signed up for a third.

Gail Stubbs
Cambridge, MA

I highly recommend Colibri Travel & Tours.  We have used Colibri for short term study tours over the past 5 years and have them booked in the future.  Colibri has done several faculty-led tours for us in Central and South America. For instance, last March, Colibri arranged a facuty-led trip to Colombia and Peru for a group of students. The trip was fabulous. In Peru, we explored Lima and made a trip to Machu Picchu.  Both faculty and student feedback re: the trips have been uniformly excellent. Moreover, I recommended Colibri to colleagues who have been extremely satisfied.     
Sylvia Rozwadowska-Shah is wonderful to work with.  Most importantly, she connects with faculty to ensure the trip meets their goals.  She also helps with cultural and historical site visits. Her trips are reasonably priced. Our trips are all-inclusive and Colibri does everything.

Felicia L. Wilczenski
Professor and Associate DeanCollege of Education and University of Massachusetts Boston