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Many people don’t like group travel and prefer to visit Cuba alone, with friends, or with family. Planning legal travel to Cuba requires lots of knowledge and patience, and it can result in a frustrating experience. At Colibri Travel & Tours, we specialize in helping travelers that want to go to Cuba on their own with any aspect of their trips. We start off with free pre-travel advice for a visa, and we then help with your itinerary, accommodation, transportation, and everything else that you may need.

You can order a Cuba visa from us: $95 + $10 (Shipping/processing fee)

Are you ready to visit the most magical place on earth? Let's go!

Safe and legal Cuba travel
Travel to Cuba is legal. Most independent travelers should choose the Support for the Cuban People category when booking their flights. In our opinion, Cuba is also the safest from all Latin American countries.

If you have any questions about legal Cuba travel, give us a call or send us an email. We will be happy to provide you with all the information that you need at no charge! Even if you don’t use our services.

The advantage of planning your trip with us

Save money

We work directly with drivers, casas, hotels and guides and provide them with steady jobs and direct bookings so we can offer you a better price.

Travel legally and safely

Our team will make sure that your itinerary meets the requirements of OFAC legal Cuba travel and “Support for the Cuban people” category. You will have 24h access to a local person in Cuba in case of an emergency.

Benefit from our knowledge

All of us live, have lived or traveled to Cuba for many years and know the island inside out. Our staff writes blogs and editorials on subjects related to Cuba and have established many valuable connections here. Now, we are ready to share those with you

Our Services

We are happy to provide all or any of the services below.

Free advice on general travel to Cuba. You can always ask us questions about Cuba, either on the phone or via email. Cuba really needs tourism and we courage people to travel there and provide a free information.

Cuban visas. $50 + $25 (Shipping and processing fee)

Custom itinerary. Based on your personal preferences and our suggestions, we will design your perfect itinerary. You can contact us by phone, email, Skype, or visit our office. All our itineraries meet the requirements of OFAC’s Support for the Cuban people category. We will also provide you with all the estimated costs.

Accommodation.  Let us book you a beautiful casa directly from the owner. We have a network of over 100 modern apartments, colonial or neo-colonial villas and art deco gems. We can also book approved hotels and resorts. All our apartments and rooms are clean, comfy and run by friendly people. We personally know the owners and can ensure the right place based on your preferences. We can also help you choose a best neighborhoods to stay in.

Transportation. We can organize all forms of transportation for your travel around the island based on your preferences and budget. Examples of transportation in Cuba include Viazul bus tickets, private drivers, train and shared rides. We also offer airport pick up and drop off.

Local Support: 24 h access to our local “compañero”. Our local Cubanos are the best part of our services. You will have direct contact with a local person that will help you in case of any emergency. For example, if you need to see a doctor, need to reschedule a site trip, run out of cash (yes, that happens; in this case, you can borrow from us and return the money in the US), have to find a perfect gift for someone, or need some last-minute booking.

Guides. We have a large network of educated and friendly guides in almost all of the cities in Cuba.

Local bookings and recommendations. In Cuba, most of the bookings at theaters, music venues and sometimes even restaurants, need to be done in person. We can suggest restaurants, make reservations, and purchase tickets to the events that you want to attend.

Cell phones, internet cards, etc. You will be able to rent a Cuban cell phone from us, and we can provide you with internet cards.

Any other needs you may have when traveling to Cuba!

How much does it cost?

The total cost of your travel depends on the length of the trip, type of accommodation you choose, the places you want to visit in Cuba, and other factors. It can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Usually, budget travelers should expect to pay about $100 – $175 per day for all expenses, mid-range would be $175 – $300, and upscale would be $300 -$1000.

Colibri Travel & Tours charges between $50 – $250 depending on services you request.

Estimated costs of travel depending on your preferences

Budget Travel

$100 - $175 per day


$175 - $300 per day


$300+ per day

Example of our accommodation

Basic casas

Mid-range villas

Upscale villas and hotels

Places we travel to

Travel for good

When you travel with us, you give back. Every trip has a project that directly supports a community in that country. See how by traveling with us, you can change the world.


This service is a must if you are going to Cuba on your own. Our experience with Colibri Travel & Tours was unbelievable, and I would not have had a great of a time in Havana if I had not found them. From the very first moment that we landed, we were greeted by Lazaro and enjoyed a ride in his classic America car from 1956! He also agreed to take another couple we met on the plane because the taxi situation at the airport was a mess (they were told by taxi company that they need to pay 35 CUC per person and not per ride). In that moment, I already felt grateful that my wife convinced me to have it all planned ahead with Colibri. We arrived to our casa, and it was another surprise – it wasn’t just some nice room -it was a stunning, grand villa owned by a couple of young professors, Wilfredo and Niurka. They made us feel at home. Jorge, our local “compañero”, showed up shortly after our arrival, helped us exchange money, and brought sunscreen for us (which we forgot to bring). Jorge is another amazing human being – kind, compassionate, well-educated, and personal. My wife and I are both experienced travelers, and yet, after third day in Havana, we asked if he can go with us to Trinidad and Cienfuegos. It was the best decision we made. He booked us spectacular restaurants and got last minute tickets to a ballet and a baseball game. Our transfers were seamless. On the last day, we went to look at some art, and we realized we did not have enough cash. Jorge promptly offered to lend us $200 and we just asked our son to transfer that amount to the Colibri account in Boston. If you are going to Cuba on your own, just call them and let them help you to organize your trip.

Roland and Kate S. Newton, MA

I have travelled alone across Asia and Latin America before, and I initially only contacted Colibri Travel & Tours to help me with booking a few transfers in Cuba. From the first email contact with Colibri Travel & Tours to inquire about rates and transportation, Sylvia was polite, enthusiastic, helpful, and very clear. I felt very confident with my booking. I decided to also ask them about accommodation in Trinidad and Cienfuegos. They found a stunning room on Punta Gorda for me, with ocean view on both sides and a mansion in Trinidad. It was inexpensive, clean, comfortable and so beautiful. I simply cannot praise this service enough.

We are forever grateful! Colibri saved our Cuba trip. We were literally already in Havana when we sent Colibri Travel & Tours an email to help us out. We initially just bought two visas from them since my boyfriend insisted on doing all the booking himself. We booked our accommodation online, and after arriving in Havana, we were told that it was a double booking. Apparently, Cuban casas are often managed by different people in other countries, and sometimes, there are mistakes or double bookings. We spent hours on the phone trying to reach the person in France who had the listing. Finally, we decided to call Colibri and ask if they can help us. Within 35 minutes from our call, Ignacio showed up and took us to a beautiful villa where we stayed for a few days.
They also helped us schedule a classic car tours and a trip to Vinales. Compared to other people that we met, our tours in Cuba were so much better. Colibri suggested that we visit Las Terrazas on our way from Vinales. We absolutely loved this artistic community - so peaceful and idyllic and not at all touristy. We later learned that it is a state-run project and many local guides don’t bring tourists there because they don’t get extra tips.

Chris and Danielle, Boston MA

Sylvia was amazing...in a country where things may not go as planned, Sylvia made everything appear seamless. Her knowledge of Cuba is astounding. She's unflappable...if plan A doesn't work out, she has a plan B, C and D and does it with a smile. What my wife and I experienced was eye opening; what Sylvia showed us, where she took us, what she taught us, made the trip greater than we ever envisioned.

Doug S. Jamaica Plain, MA

I was hesitant at first as I speak Spanish, but I can honestly say it was the best decision I made. Colibri Travel & Tours is a service that you should definitely use if you are planning to go to Cuba on your own. They are superstars in Cuba. I wanted to bring some donations, and Colibri recommended a community center in Centro Havana where I was able to talk to children and brought them soccer balls, crayons, and clothes. “La directora” of the center spoke highly about Colibri Travel & Tours. I booked all my accommodations with Colibri, and after learning about my architecture background, they booked rooms in a colonial mansion in Trinidad, an art-deco apartment in Havana and a boutique hotel designed by one of Cuba famous architects -Osmany Cienfuegos. Finally, when the shared taxi that I booked myself did not arrive, Jorge took me to the Viazul bus station and helped me get ticket to Viñiales. Sylvia and Jorge are just super kind people, and their knowledge and connections in Cuba are unbelievable.

Francisco R. Portland ME