Emory and Henry College

Faculty-led study tour in CUBA

Led by prof. Mary Boltwood and prof. Mark Finney

Colibri Boston organized a faculty-led trip for a group of undergrads from Emory & Henry College that focused on communication and Spanish language. The study tour included interaction with students and staff at the University of Cienfuegos, safe and comfortable accommodation, sightseeing around the country, and workshops designed to give Emory and Henry students knowledge on Cuban culture, history, language and people.
Emory and Henry College faculty-led international courses included 3 hours of Spanish language classes Supplemented by interactive language practice with host families, joint lectures and seminars with University of Cienfuegos on marketing and communication, and workshops on Cuban music and dance, Afro-cuban religion, ecology, baseball, and the university’s specific approach to sustainability. For a fuller immersion experience we invited Cuban students and faculty to join the Emory and Henry group in afternoon activities, dinners, and celebrations. The sightseeing part of the trip was an additional opportunity to learn in a relaxed and fun way. We organized ‘Cuban Revolution Day’ in convertible cars, an afternoon with Cuban farmers, a discussion at Cuba Libro with an American writer living in Havana, a dinner at San Christobal at ‘Obama table’ and a chat with the chef, a visit to an artist’s studio, and a hiking trip to Nicho waterfalls. Emory and Henry study abroad trip was named by students ‘a life changing experience’ and covered by the press in the USA and Cuba.
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Emory & Henry study tour in photos